About Us

Rocket Jamaica is a movie production company based in Kingston Jamaica.

We make movies as inexpensively as possible for theatrical release in Jamaica and the Diaspora.

We do our own marketing and distribution and seek new ways continuously to expand our market reach and profitability.



Rocket Jamaica is a collaborative company that seeks to partner with experts in their field to effect best results.

We seek to open our environment to contributors – by presenting a fluid online deal structure whereby contributors can benefit from movie sales – such elements as uploading music contribution – uploading graphics for merchandising etc. – hence the moniker – Launch Yourself.

These contributions would all be based upon a contract/fee that would issued upfront from our website



The core competencies that are maintained in house at Rocket Jamaica are:

  • Script Development
  • Production Deals
  • Production Management
  • Marketing and Distribution

Rocket Jamaica is always in tune with New Media and Technology to enhance its objectives.