Coming Movies

Giant Killer Crab

Giant Killer Crab                           Story Outline: A bad minded crab ingests cocaine from an airplane drugs drop, grows into a giant crab and sits menacingly causing havoc among a small fishing village.   Tone: 1960’s B Movie Sci Fi   Production Cost Differentiator: Single Site Location Crab does’nt… Read more →

Kingston 07

Kingston 07                   Story Outline: Seven old school gunmen get called out of retirement to save a group of disenfranchised citizens.   Method: Budget:       US$100G Maximum Actors :       Roots Reggae And Dancehall Style:           Experimental  – Audio and Visuals Location:    Downtown Kingston Production Location: Roktowa Financing:  Self/Bank/Shares Script:         Audio- with written notes. Cameras:… Read more →